Portuguese Sardines with Spring Herbs

Fish is good for you…we all know that. The learned people also say that the smaller the fish you eat the better it is for you. Smaller fish have not been exposed to harmful chemicals such as mercury for as long as the bigger fish have been. For more information in this regard, go to this website.

Sardines is so good for you, packed with Omega 3 and 6 oils,calcium and Vit. D and phosphorous. It is a hugely underrated fish and most people do not know that you can get them fresh and not only in a can.

My husband’s favorite sandwich is a sardine and fresh onion sandwich on super white bread. I found these Portuguese sardines at the fishmonger and although they are not from our local waters, they were dirt cheap and a very tasty meal. I simply cleaned and gutted them, made a few cuts in each fish and stuffed it with my Herb Butter. I baked it in a fairly hot oven until cooked and served it with crusty bread to mop up all the lovely butter.