Strawberry Semifreddo….a festive way to celebrate Spring!


Spring is here and flower and food markets are bursting with an array of colors and fragrances so typical of spring. Fruit vendors are patrolling the streets with fresh strawberries and although
I know that strawberries will still get cheaper as we move closer to summer, I could not resist buying a couple of fresh strawberries the other day.

I wanted to try my hand at making semifreddo and after searching the Net for a couple of minutes I found this recipe on Anita’s site called Dessert First.

She adapted the recipe from Sherry Yard’s The Secrets of Baking and I liked the fact that this recipe included cream, meringue and swirls of mascarpone cheese. The result was deliciously creamy and smooth and definitely a recipe that I will try again.

Ps. I tried this recipe again the next day, using 4 ripe kiwi fruit. I love the taste….slightly tart, but still silky and smooth.

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So, I end this post today by wishing all of you in the southern hemisphere a fantastic and colorful Springday!!!(image courtesy of Google)

For some more Strawberry recipes, simply follow the links below.

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