Cooking for 100 on a youth Camp!

As promised an overview of our Youth Camp. We left Friday morning early to get to the campsite and set up the kitchen.I know from experience that hungry children are not the most patient creatures.
While my son and his dad went Fly fishing, I unpack all the food and set up for supper that night. Here is our menu for the weekend, if you ever have to cater for a huge crowd, contact me for quantities..

Friday night – Hamburgers and Chips

Saturday morning – Open toasted cheese and tomato sandwiches
Toast and preserves

Mid morning – Juice/fresh fruit in abundance

Lunch – Mac-n-cheese
Greek salad

Supper – Cape Malay Curry/Rice
Midnight – Hot chocolate/cookies

Sunday Morning – Cereal/milk
Toast/jam and cheese

Mid morning – juice/fresh fruit

Lunch – BBQ chops/sausage
Waldorf salad
Potato salad
Spanish Wheat salad

Pudding – Ice-cream/chocolate sauce

Departure 16h00

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