Trout with Almonds and wonderful memories.

Franschoek  to me must be one of the most beautiful places in Cape Town and we were fortunate to have our youth Camp there this weekend. Franschoek is one of the oldest towns in South Africa and  the village was originally settled in 1688.
Once a sleepy country retreat, the village began experiencing a boom since the 1990s, and property prices have sharply increased. The ideal summer weather, snowy peaks in winter and proximity to Cape Town have turned Franschhoek into one of South Africa’s most sought after residential addresses.

We decided to leave early on Friday so that we could squeeze in a bit of family time, before I had to start in the kitchen. My husband and son wanted to try their hands at fly fishing. It took them a while to get the hang of it, but when my son got his first bite, there was no end to this expedition. Sadly he jerked the line too fast and lost his first fish, but in the afternoon he got his reward. Oh, he was so excited. The fish was gutted and vacuum packed and last night we only got the chance to celebrate.

Trout with almonds and Herb butter is what we had for supper last night and we could ponder over a fantastic weekend spent in the most beautiful place I have been to in a while.  I simply pan fried the fish, added some almonds towards the end and served it with herb butter and dill. I share with you a few of our pictures and in my next post I will give you an over view of the camp…