We call them Sticky chicken wings……

We are taking about 100 people on a youth camp from Friday to Sunday, so at the moment I am buying, collecting and organizing, but not much cooking is happening here. I do have a quicky for you though. My children(and the salivating husband) loves Sticky Chicken wings and normally this is Friday night Finger food, but this week, I’m afraid it will have to do.

No recipes here. I season the chicken wings with whatever spice I have available and place them in an oven dish. Close with foil and cook until they are nice and tender. I then smother them with a mixture of fruit chutney, a dash of Worcester sauce and some cayenne pepper. Place the oven dish back in the oven and roast open until sticky and delicious.

For a dipping sauce, I mix sour cream and blue cheese. Add salt and pepper to taste. Enjoy!!!!