Beat the Heat!!!

We are not having the extreme heat waves that some of you are experiencing, but the bite is definitely out of winter and we are having these gloriously beautiful days. Grace over at A Southern Grace is hosting an event called Beat the Heat and it looked like a lot of fun to me….
So I am submitting this delicious, super-easy tart and hope you will all like it. The only electrical appliance that you will need is the kettle( to make hot water for the gelatin). I hope I am forgiven.

Strawberry Yogurt Tart

2 pkt boudoir biscuits (lady fingers)
2 packets strawberry jelly
2 cups boiling water
1 liter strawberry yogurt with fruit
1 tin condensed milk
250ml cream, whipped

Dissolve jelly on boiling water
Place boudoir biscuits in bottom of a big rectangular tart dish (Pyrex is good)
Wet the biscuits with about 1/4 of the jelly. Leave aside

Mix yogurt, condensed milk and jelly together.
Fold in whipped cream.
Pour over boudoir biscuits.
Decorate with a strawberry coulis of cream rosettes.

For individual servings, I used a food stacking ring and made a mini version. On top I mixed a little of the jelly(1 Tbs)with some of the coulis and poured it over the top.