Citrus Flavored salt,,,,a perfect match for pork!

Recipes for Flavored salts often feature on the blogosphere. Janden from Steamy Kitchen has made Szechuan Peppercorn Salt, Citrus Salt and Matcha salt and the “beloved” Jamie Oliver has also made it a couple of times.
This is the first time I try it and I will most definitely do it again. I had some lovely pork neck chops and wanted to grill them with just a good rub of olive oil and some Citrus salt.

There is no magic trick to it. I just peeled a big orange( make sure you only cut the very top layer of the peel, try and miss too much of the white…it will add a bitter taste to the salt.) Place the peels and some sea salt in a grinder and voila…you have Citrus flavored Salt. I used the salt as is, but if you want to store it, you better dry the salt in the oven for a bit until the peels have dried out.