Lamb chops with a Malay twist….

Sosaties(Pronounced: sui-sah-ti’s) are to be found on many a traditional South African barbecue. It consists of pieces of lamb on a skewer, but it is not a kebab!! I found this post on Recipezaar and for your convenience I am copying it here.

Sosaties are not kebabs. They’re meat on skewers, but they marinate in a distinctive sauce with a traditional flavour. They are never made from beef, but from lamb. Most people prefer to use pork cubes as well. It is not plonked into any old curry sauce and then grilled.

As this is a traditional recipe, there are many slight variations, but the meat should not vary from lamb, and the sauce is a curry-type sweet-sourish sauce infused with Malay spices. (The Cape Malays, also Indonesians, who now prefer to be called Moslems, came to the Cape as slaves and as political refugees from Ceylon, in the days of the Dutch East India Company, and brought with them their wonderful cuisine and spices. This led to many slaves soon promoted to chief cooks in the houses of the rich. We have to thank them for most of our spicy Cape dishes). Sosaties is also one of those pioneer foods which can last for ages in its sauce, so don’t leave it in the sauce for a night. Leave it for at least 3 days. Grill over medium coals, don’t burn, and don’t dry out. You won’t be sorry you’ve done this job …

For the recipe, just click HERE!

I followed the recipe for the marinade to the T, but I made a slight adjustment by using lamb chops and not sosaties. Here we call them Curry Chops, but it really is just a variation on a sosatie. Basically you marinade the chops for at least 24 hours and then either grill them on the barbecue or griddle pan – your choice. I served mine with some polenta and a curried onion puree. Come on! Try it and let me know what you think!