Rhubarb Crumble?

Would you believe me, if I told you that I have never cooked rhubarb before. No particular reason, I just haven’t. I recall my mom telling me once that she’s not a great fan so I guess that’s why we were not exposed to much rhubarb – ANY, to be exact!
Hubby, on the other hand is very fond of rhubarb, because his mother cooked it often. So today, I went to a little fruit and Veg Market, saw a bunch of rhubarb, and thought “What the hell, let me try!”

Thank goodness for BBC Food(gave me kind of an idea what to do)…..I cut the rhubarb in chunks and cooked it with some sugar and a vanilla pod until soft. Being winter around this part of the wood, I decided to make a crumble. Too lazy to search for a recipe, I just made a crumble by mixing 1/4 cup flour, 1/4 cup sugar and rubbed in some butter(2 Tbs). I baked these babies at 180C for about 1 hour until they were all bubbly. A dollop of mascarpone cheese, flavored with vanilla and lemon zest and hubby was one happy camper – mmmmmmm, I scored some major brownie points here, fellas!!!
I think I was a bit too generous with the butter though and the end result looked a bit like creme brullee, but I can assure you it was yummee. Maybe next time, I will use brown sugar and maybe oatmeal for some extra crunch!