Camembert, Almonds and Quince

I made this lovely cheese snack last night to quietly, on my own, celebrate all the exciting events of the last few days. First Jenn the Leftoverqueen wrote a beautiful piece about me on her site.I got quite s few new visitors because of this and I am eternally grateful, thanks, Jenn!
Then I was tagged by 2 people for the same MEME. Val from More than burnt toast and Deepa from Passionate Baker both tagged me for a 30 questions MEME.

Janna from Honeyed Hashette surprised me with an E Award. To top it all Sophie from Key Ingredient emailed me to ask if they can post my Milk Tart recipe on their site. Phew!!!!Exciting stuff. My hubby is away on business , so last night I send the children off to LALLA LAND with a story, made my little cheese snack and aimed for the computer to write the MEME and acknowledge the award……..disaster struck. A client phoned to remind me of the 2 dozen cupcakes she needs for her son’s market day today. AAAHHHHH!!!! My kitchen was all cleaned up!! I had to slightly alter my plans for the night and I put the frosting on the last cupcake, just before midnight. So, sorry guys, I will try again today.
In the meantime… is another quicky!

Fried Camembert with an Almond Crust and Quince 

Cut the Camembert into bite-sized wedges. Dip into egg wash, then into flour. Again into the egg wash and finally into some ground almonds. Leave in the fridge for about 30 minutes or so. Deep-fry until golden and deliciously crunchy. Drain on kitchen towel and serve piping hot with quince jelly and finely chopped iceberg lettuce. Yum!!!

Last, but by no means least, Jeanne from Cooksister took the time to set up a South African Food and Wine Blogger Directory. All bloggers on there is either South Africans blogging from elsewhere in the world or like moi, blogging from the beautiful city of Cape Town. Just click on the cool little widget in my sidebar and see what South Africans have to offer.