Simple Steak – so delicious!

There must me millions of recipes “How to cook the perfect steak”. so I am not going to bore you with another one. I have a no-fail recipe for getting our steak just perfect and I will rather share a few hints with you.

1.Start off with a good piece of meat- organic if possible, but I have had good steaks that was not certified organic, so make our own choice here.
2.Steak has to be eaten rare or if you must medium-rare. No one can guarantee a well-done steak.
For a fantastic way to tell how well cooked your steak is, click here.

3.Do not add salt in your marinade – only add salt at the end.
4.I believe in a hot grill.
5 The steak has to rest for 5-10 minutes after cooking.
I marinade my steak for a few hours before grilling in the following marinade.

Marinade for Steak
For 4 rump steaks
-olive oil(125ml)
-balsamic vinegar (1 Tbs)
-lemon juice(1 TBS)
-chopped oregano and mint
-zest of a lemon

For this meal, I had 4 lovely rib-eye steaks. I served it on a bed of lightly steamed and slightly buttered cabbage. To ring the changes, I attempted a bearnaise sauce, but I need some practice with this sauce. As you can see from the photo, it was not the smoothest of sauce. I then later read that a famous Restaurateur Fernand Point(1897-1955) said, that it takes years to perfect this sauce.
For the bearnaise sauce I went to Nola Cuisine,and you can just click here for her recipe. I used the herbs to infuse the vinegar and did not add fresh herbs to the finished sauce.