Creme Brûleé for a cheat……..

I often order Creme Brûleé in a restaurant and have made it a couple of times at home, but lets face it, it is not exactly the kind of dessert you will present in 20 minutes —-Wrong!!!! I know the purists amongst us will do a back flip, but although nothing can compare with the real deal (making your own egg custard with vanilla infused cream), this recipe is as close as dammit is to swearing!. It is easy, fast and it definitely has a wow-effect! Try it you will be amazed.

Creme Brulee for a cheat

All you need is
1 can evaporated milk
250ml cream
1 packet instant vanilla pudding
caster sugar for topping.
Inside of a vanilla pod or vanilla essence.
Beat together evaporated milk, cream,instant pudding and vanilla and pour into ramekins (6 to be exact).Leave in fridge for the duration of our meal. Sprinkle with sugar and caramelize with blow torch or under the grill.

If you are one of the purists, I’ve made this recipe off Oh For the love of Food and original recipe is by Gordon Ramsey.