Easy mussel soup…..

Desperation led me to this easy Mussel Soup. Desperate for what, you may ask? Well, I was busy with back-to-back catering and time for supper all of a sudden sprung on me, with children asking: “Mom, when are we eating? Second question: “What are we eating?”
I found a bag of mussels in the shell as well as mussel meat in the freezer and first thought about pasta with mussels, but there was no time for cooking the pasta so I opted for a quick Mussel soup instead.

Mussel Soup

Here is what I had

500gr Mussels in half shell
200gr mussel meat
250ml bechamel sauce( left over from the lasagna I made for catering purposes)
250ml white wine
garlic – about 2 cloves
1 large onion finely chopped.
I tsp curry powder
herbs of choice

Sautee garlic,onion and curry powder in a bit of oil. Add mussels and mussel meat and white wine. Put lid on pot and cook for about 5 minutes. Remove mussels from liquid and add the liquid to the bechamel sauce.Cook through. Now add mussels back to the mixture. Season to taste. Add a dash of cream and some fresh herbs. Soup in 15 minutes = one happy family.

I made some garlic bread and it was delicious.

500gr butter
5 bulbs of garlic
fresh hers – I used parsley and thyme
6 anchovy fillets

Cut heads off garlic, drizzle with olive oil and salt and bake in oven until soft. Squeeze garlic from peels and place in food processor with all other ingredients. Process until butter is mix properly. Spread in between slices of a French baguette and either freeze for later of bake until golden and crispy and delicious. I had some butter left and am keeping it for another day to round off a perfect piece of grilled fish or steak.