What are YOU snacking on?????

Snack food is my downfall and I am sure many of you have the same problem. MY father has the theory that ,if you only eat the food that you pray for, you will never have weight issues. This statement implies 2 things.
1. If you eat 3 regular meals per day, no problem.
3. If we all sit around the table (not at the TV), pray for our food and relax while we do so, we will also not have a problem.
I wish however that I had this kind of discipline…I believe in eating at the table as a family, as this is where we as a family can share our successes, failures and thoughts. Sometimes just a good laugh….

However, when it comes to snacking…..I am guilty. I am a foodie, I taste, sniff, bite, swallow and enjoy food. I read so many cookbooks and blogs everyday and my mind is constantly stimulated by all the wonderful recipes out there. I read in Dr. Phil’s book, The ultimate weight solution, that an alcoholic cannot work in a bar and a person with weight issues cannot be a chef……quite a thought , don’t you think…
But it is a work in progress and sometimes(most of the time) I fail badly, like yesterday when I had to buy Samoosas for our church fund raiser…. Who can resist a freshly fried(yes…I know, I know..fried..)Samoosa..not me!!

If you want to learn and make it yourself,click here.

I am interested to know what YOU snack on…come on, let it out..Tell is all!!!