Perfect Pineapple

What do you do when life hands you pineapples………..I bought 4 pineapples at the market the other day and the next day my mom also arrived with 2.Now, in summer this would have been great, but I certainly can only eat so much fresh pineapple when all your body is craving is warm comforting dishes. So what do you do…. I made pineapple jam, pineapple smoothies and dried pineapple to name but a few. I had a bit of jam left..too little to fill a glass jar, so I made this dessert up in now time at all.
What you need is:

 Pineapple Cheesecake

250 ml cream whipped
3 heaped Tbs pineapple jam, or strawberry
1 leaf gelatin, softened in cold water and then dissolved in hot water.
Biscuit base – use one that you are familiar with. I only made a single little serving, so I used one of the crunchies that I made 2 days ago.

Fold the jam and dissolved gelatine into cream. Pour onto biscuit base and voila!!!!!! For the individual serving, I used a stacking ring, lined it with foil and then just layered the jam and the cream.
For the dried pineapple rings:
Slice pineapple very thinly and dry at 4oC for at least 4-5 hours.

We are having a lovely rainy day in Cape Town, which is not ideal for making spun sugar as you can see…….