Yogurt Cheese and beetroot…….

After a weekend of tummy bugs and such, we are all on the mend and by tonight I actually felt peckish for a change. I saw this recipe in the Taste magazine, that we get here in South Africa, earlier this week, but was too sick to try. I did however managed to make the cheese so last night I could quickly throw this together. I saw the recipe for Labneh balls on Marianna’s site called Swirl and Scramble and wanted to make this so badly.

For this Beetroot salad I did not want to form the Labneh into balls, but rather break it in “chunks” almost like torn Mozzarella although the texture is much softer and creamier. So for the cheese recipe. click here

Yogurt Cheese and Beetroot
The rest of the recipe is easy.
Cook some beetroot in water until it is soft. Cool
Slice beetroot in quarters and assemble in a plate with pieces of the Labneh in between. Drizzle with olive oil, orange blossom honey and black, white and pink peppercorns. Finish off with sprigs of thyme.

Ps. Yesterday was a rainy day and for the life of me, I could not pick up the red color of the beetroot in the photo, but this is a very pretty salad. The different textures and tastes are a joy.

I am entering this recipe into the “Beautiful Bones” event, hosted by Susan from Food Blogga.
Osteoporosis is something that none of us wants to think about, but we should all be aware of our lifestyle and specifically our calcium and magnesium intake. For more info on the benefits of organic beetroot, click here.
The yogurt is also a good source of calcium and this is then my idea of a calcium rich meal.

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