Pork and beef to drool over…..

Weekends are for families and friends to get together and I am privileged to be a part of such a tradition. What would a family gathering be without the food and in my family planning the menu takes preference to any other planning..

This weekend the “meating” was at my house and although we enjoyed many dishes, I will share two meat dishes with you.

First we had a Leg of Pork

Preheat oven to 200C

+- 3kg Leg of Pork(I do not remove the rind)

Place in casserole and season well.
I used rosemary, garlic, chili flakes, dry coriander, salt and pepper and Worcester Sauce.

I roasted my LOP in a closed casserole in a very hot oven for about 2 hours. We then left for church and I turned the oven down to 100 C and it cooked slowly for another 3 hours.

I then removed the rind, cut it into strips and placed in a very hot oven until crispy.

I then smeared some thick sweet soy sauce over the LOP(Leg og pork) and finished it off in a hot oven.

The meat literally fell of the bone. It was impossible to cut, but boy, oh boy it was delicious!

We then move on to a beef dish.
Around here we ask the butcher for a piece of flat rib, boneless brisket, Jacob’s Ladder(with bones in). It is not endorsed by the Heart Foundation though, because it is quite a “fatty” cut. But we all know that the flavor is in the fat.

This was also about 3 kg of beef.
A few heads of garlic, salt, pepper, rosemary and oregano.
Cook in closed casserole for about 3 hours on 180 C. Then open the casserole and let the meat just brown on the top.

This is truly two of my favorite meat cuts and they were done to perfection, if I have to say so myself. We also had sweet potato, savory rice, green bean stew and roasted potatoes, but let me rather move on the the grand finale……

For dessert I made this divine Little Chocolate pots.

300gr 70% chocolate buttons
1 litter cream
200 gr caster sugar
4 egg yolks

Melt chocolate and cream together until almost boiling.
Cream sugar and egg yolks together until light and fluffy.
Slowly add chocolate mixture to egg mixture and pour into little pots or ramekins.
Cool overnight. Serve with a dollop of whipped cream and a sprig of mint. The 70% chocolate makes this dessert – dense, not-so-sweet and a perfect end to a great meal. (Increase the sugar, if you making this for children, my son loved the bitterness of the chocolate, but my daughter not – you decide….)

Call it a clan, call it a network, call it a tribe, call it a family. Whatever you call it, whoever you are, you need one. ~Jane Howard