Homemade Hamburger

We do not eat burgers often – no reason in particular, but I think it is because none of the processed, store bought patties get my stamp of approval. I felt like a hamburger tonight and wanted to make a patty with a meaty flavor, but it had to by soft and succulent.
I got crackin’ in the kitchen and I was pleasantly surprised with my result.

Homemade Hamburgers

500gr minced beef topside.
1 small onion grated
1tsp salt
10ml coriander seeds, dry roasted and ground
1 Tbs Worcester sauce
3 slices white bread, soaked in milk for a couple of minutes. Then squeeze out all milk and add to all other ingredients.

Mix all ingredients and form into patties. Fry in a hot pan or on a griddle pan.

I served my burgers with lettuce, tomato, peppadews and avocado.

The verdict from the family……..

……..delicious, mom!!!