Honeycomb cannelloni…

Ever since I read Jamie’s book “Cooked”, I wanted to try this Honeycomb Cannelloni, just for the fun of it. Trust him to have a twist on a classic Italian favorite – cannelloni!!.
Then I saw Mark from No special effects try his hand at this recipe and I thought, why not. Let me give it a go. I decided to go for the meat version, simply because I had no spinach and was not making a trip just for spinach. So, all I did was…….

to make a really good bolognaise sauce( I used minced beef,not too lean) a good belchamel sauce and bob’s your uncle….. dinner was in the oven.

I must admit that chef Jamie and Mark’s versions look a whole lot better than mine, but mine tasted pretty damn good for a first try.

Ps. I think the meat sauce should not be too dry – the cannelloni tubes need a lot of sauce to cook through.