3 Cheers for Ginger beer……..

After my post True South African fare where I made Bobotie, I got quite a few requests for South African recipes. Ginger Beer is a drink that we all grew up on and all major days on the calender are celebrated with this drink, eg. Christmas, New Year, family picnics etc………..
When I searched Google, I soon found that it is not a true South African beverage and that it originated in England in the 1700’s.
I dare not argue with the clever people at Google, but for me, it is associated with every celebration in South Africa. I also found this wonderful site with photo illustrations on “How to make your own ginger beer”, so I will most definitely not reinvent the wheel. Go ahead, give it a try………

Ginger beer

1 Litres water
60 ml ground ginger
750 ml sugar
4 litres water
125 ml raisins
3 ml cream of tartar
5 ml tartaric acid
15 ml instant dry yeast (optional)
Make a syrup by boiling together 1 liter water, ground ginger and sugar for 15 minutes.
Place in a large container and add 4 liters water, raisins, cream of tartar and tartaric and yeast (if using).
Leave at room temperature until raisins have risen to the surface.
Pour into bottles, close securely and store in refrigerator.
Makes 5 liters

The residue that you see floating, is just from the raisins that I use( it helps with the fermenting process and you can also tell when the beer is ready when the raisins float to the top.