Fish cakes and (rustic) mushy peas….

I had to rearrange my pantry cupboard and realized that we could start a small feeding scheme with all the food I have there. I saw the tin of tuna and fish cakes came to mind…… I am sure that everyone has a fish cake recipe that they swear by and I will not try and sway you, but this just a  quick  throw-together recipe that I tried.

Fish cakes and (rustic) mushy peas….


3 cooked potatoes, mashed roughly
500gr tinned tuna chunks
zest of a lemon
1 egg
handful of parsley and mint
salt and pepper to taste

Pulse the machine, but do not over process.
Form small patties and fry in hot skillet.

Cook some frozen peas and mash with a knob of butter.

I stacked my food tonight, but afterwards I thought it looks a bit like a overdressed woman at the Oscars – let me know what you think…..