Caramalized plums with meringue and pistachio nuts

I found these beautiful plums yesterday and I’ve been wanting to try this recipe for ages. I wanted a good balance, between sweet, tart, salty and bitter…… Bear with me, as I made this up as I went along…
 Stone fruits and in particular plums are in season now and that makes me a very happy cook

Caramalized plums with meringue and pistachio nuts


1.I halved and pitted the plums.

2 In a big skillet, I put some sugar(about 1/2 cup, depending on how many prunes you have), butter, 1 star anise and the in and outside of a vanilla pod. Slowly heat until it start to caramalize.

3. Add plums and brown on both sides.

4. Add 1 tot measure filled with any sweet wine or sherry and light up. Allow all the alcohol to burn away.

The perfect end for my meal on Friday I have business partners coming for supper.

5. Mix mascarpone cheese with caster sugar and more vanilla paste.

Serve the peaches with toasted pistachio nuts , crumbled meringue and a dollop of the mascarpone cheese.

My opinion – the balance was perfect, every mouthful was a masterpiece(at least I thought so).