I can’t cook!!!!!

So, everyone reading and commenting on this blog can cook, right? – WRONG! since I’ve had this blog I have to constantly hear: “How can I ever invite you for a meal, what will I cook?” Well, many of my friends can tell you, that the most memorable meal I’ve ever had, was a fresh loaf of bread that a very poor lady baked for us, because she did not have enough money to bake or buy a cake. Oprah always says, “love is in the details” and I so agree.

This morning I went for my regular cup of coffee with my sister and when we paid I found slices of Greek Orange cake on the counter for R5.00 a piece. It looked good to me, so I bought one and this is what I did with it.

I simply cut a round of the cake with a cookie cutter. Placed on a plate with a vanilla sauce(I used drinking yogurt.) Made a few dots with my fruit coulis (I always have that in the fridge and yes, you can buy it). I added a few berries, a dollop of cream and a sprig of mint and that’s it – finished. Was that so hard?
My point with this post is to show that with a little effort, even the “can’t cooks” amongst us, can produce something beautiful, so go on, ladies(or gents) you can do it!