Spinach Lasagna and a happy family…..

Last night we had spinach lasagna and although the taste was great, the end result was not worth taking photos of. I did not follow any particular recipe, because I was pressed for time and also only used what was available in my cupboard. Here goes…..

Spinach Lasagna


1 liter bechamel sauce
500gr frozen spinach and feta mixture
lasagna sheets
1 tin tomato, oregano and olive mixture
1/2 grated mozzarella and cheddar cheese(mixed)

1. I started with a thin layer of bechamel sauce in the bottom of the dish.
2. then a layer of pasta sheets(raw)
3. Crumble the spinach mix on top.
4. Top with tomato layer
5. Last layer is bechamel sauce.

Now repeat en end with bechamel sauce and cheese

Bake at 180 degrees for 40 minutes.

(I think my bechamel sauce was too thin and the result was a runny, mushy lasagna, but the taste was 100%)

The reason why we were in such a rush to cook and eat, is because the children have swimming lessons from5-7 at night and then we still have to go to church.
I haven’t blogged about my family for a while – they are afteral my inspiration for every meal..

First up is Dad, Desmond, Darling, Ploops, daddy, Des, Rodney, Priest Timm and also Mr Timm.

Food likes:

My curry, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, macaroni and cheese(his mother’s version), leg of lamb, McDonald’s (sadly), Kentucky Fried chicken, chocolate and basically everything I make, except brussel sprouts.

Next up is Christopher-Graham Mansfield Timm. Also known as Chris, buddy, bro, cous(in), boeta(Afrikaans for brother) or Chrissie.

Food likes:

Anything sweet, any chocolate, fast food(to his mother’s horror), his granny’s cookies and everything his mother cooks. Not a big eater, but he likes little snacks throughout the day. He does not have many dislikes, but he will not eat when he is not hungry or tired.

Last but not least is Chloe-Raine Timm. also known as Miss Muffet, Klossie, Klos, lovey.

Food likes:

Pasta, pasta and more pasta…..Yep, she is my kinda girl. Cheese, pesto, any veggies, fruit, stews, loves soups. She eats just about everything, but is not keen on snacks. she likes good, wholesome food with lots of flavor. She is not a big bread eater and eat sweets because that’s what children do, but it is not her favorite. She is a pleasure to cook for and equally handy in the kitchen…