Willow Creek..

Sometimes you come across products and after tasting them, you know that your kitchen will never be without this.

I have tasted this Lemon- flavored olive oil from WillowCreek in the Nuy Valley , South Africa and since then I use it on virtually anything – salads, spuds, chicken veggies and when the cravings come in between meal times, I will just find a chunk of bread and dip it – aaahhhh heavenly!

Then in 2007 we also got to taste their Cabernet Sauvignon balsamic style vinegar at the Food and Wine Show. I have made a reduction with this vinegar and it is fantastic with steak and even grilled tuna. So if you are From South Africa or just here for a visit, be sure to take a day trip out to Willow Creek and stock up on these products.