Food that makes me yield to temptation…

People are amazed that I can cook day in and day out and never get tired. The fact that I could spend an entire day in my kitchen is too much for most of my friends to comprehend. I often get asked what my favorite food is and if you spend so many hours cooking, they wonder if you still have any favorites.
Sadly a foodie, never gets tired of eating, cooking, reading and watching programs about food. My answer to the “what’s your favorite” question is easy and has been the same for as long as I care to remember. I have ONLY two kinds of food that make me weak in the knees(so here it is for all who wants to know ,”what can I cook for Nina when she comes …”). It is sooo easy….

1. Any blue cheese, fresh fruit(peaches and grapes are the best) and a good loaf of bread – a splash of olive oil and balsamic vinegar goes without saying

2. Hot chips (not the thin fast food restaurant type, but the long thick ones that you’ve made yourself. Served with salt and white vinegar.


Sadly though, I have serious weight problem and both my choices are bad ones, I’m afraid. So these are rare treats in my kitchen and for now I am trying to be a good girl. So today I found these beautiful chillies at the shop and I thought it called for an HOT-AS-HELL Stir fry .