Salmon Starter!

I made these Salmon Starters last night after a very busy day, playing “Mom’s taxi”. Yes, yes, I DO cook when I am tired and frustrated and sick and premenstrual and……… well, I cook just about ALWAYS!!
This is the time of year when hubby says:
“You know, we must really invite….” and you want to scream, because the mere thought of cooking for the family is enough to send you into orbit, let alone inviting guests.

But you know…it really is not that bad and when we are overworked and tired and fed-up, we should spend time with friends – it will lift your spirits, I guarantee.
This simple starter took me 5 minutes and doesn’t it look just too beautiful. Here’s how.

1. Boil a few baby potatoes until soft and cool (night before is fine)
2. Mix cream cheese with dill, a splash of lemon juice and some lemon zest.
3. Slice potatoes in half and scoop a little flesh out with a teaspoon.
4. Fill potatoes with cream cheese mixture.
5. Make little rosettes with smoked salmon and place on top of cream cheese.
6. Garnish with dill and a drop of olive oil.(I also used caviar, but a small piece of grapefruit will also taste divine)

Now that you can do this, play with different flavours eg. Bacon and blue cheese, anchovies and sun dried tomatoes, smoked oysters etc.